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We are MeltMed

MeltMed offers a range of supplement products designed to fight aging at the source. Together with a holistic strategy of diet, exercise and rest, our supplements help you to achieve your best life and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

What makes MeltMed different?

MeltMed products are made using the innovative WaferiX technology and proprietary freeze-dry manufacturing process. The result is the world's first oral wafer that dissolves seamlessly under the tongue.

Discreet Dissolve

Get all the effects without any of the attention by quickly dissolving a wafer under your tongue.

Fast Feels Better

Feel desired results and expected relief faster when you choose to wafer.

Predictably Perfect

Absorption under the tongue delivers a more predictable dose to your body.

Our Vision

To develop therapies and products that will improve the quality of life for patients with acute pain, chronic diseases and debilitating conditions.

Our Mission

Combining known, approved drugs (both in terms of efficacy and side effect profile) with new innovative drug delivery systems to get drugs quickly to market at lower development cost and risk.

MeltMed is a wholly owned subsidiary of iX Biopharma Ltd, a specialty pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST)

Formulation Experts

All of our products are formulated by our in-house team of scientific experts in medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, novel delivery systems and product stability.

Our procurement team sources globally for the highest quality raw material ingredients - highly concentrated and bioavailable herbal extracts to provide consistency in our finished products.

Quality Control

All of our products are manufactured and tested under stringent TGA-approved cGMP conditions in our wholly owned facility in Melbourne, Australia.

Proprietary Technology

State-of-the-art production equipment, including our own proprietary freeze-drying wafer line which optimizes sublingual (under the tongue) delivery of our Glutathione & Melatonin wafer products.